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❅Etapa 6. Por baixo, ser-lhe-á dada a opção de escolher um padrão, uma palavra-passe, ou uma impressão digital para bloquear com segurança o seu GB WhatsApp Pro, por isso lembre-se da palavra-passe que definiu.Passo 7. Finalmente, reinicie o GB WhatsApp Pro e verá que o software lhe pedirá que forneça a palavra-passe que acabou de definir.❅

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♓To baixar o WhatsApp GB on iPhone, users can download an Android emulator to use WhatsApp GB. As it is an Android-based application, the developers have designed it specifically for Android smartphones, but so far there is no version suitable for iPhone use. To use WhatsApp GB on iPhone with an Android emulator, follow the steps below:Ⓕ

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ⅵAs you can see from the above, in many cases it is not a problem with the hardware or software of the phone that causes the installation of GBWhatsApp to fail, but a problem with the operation. Please read this blog attentively and take into account the categories of problems and the measures to be taken. You will can understand why the GBWhatsApp APK is not working and how to solve the problem.☸

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