Franciscan Library

Information Architecture, UI Design and Development

The Franciscan Library is one of the most important repositories on old books available for research in humanities. It also functions as a channel for difussion of culture among the community of San Pedro Cholula, Puebla. Thus, the website was redesigned, conserving part of the information architecture but introducing a new interface, with adaptable layouts for different types of browsing devices.

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Layout version for maximun resolution Layout at maximun resolution
iPad layout
Layout optimized for tablets
iPhone layout
Layout optimized for mobiles

Colective Catalog of Fire-Brands (UDLAP & BUAP)

Information Architecture and UI Design

The University of the Americas Puebla and the Autonomous University of Puebla planned to develope a colective catalog of fire-branding on old books, in order to preserve the collection from these institutions and others that might be interested.

Wireframes and visual mockups of the interface were designed for this project, guiding the stakeholders in the process on how to make content decisions for the catalog.

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Catalog's footer Catalog's footer
Wireframe used as design tool for stakeholders
Wireframe introduced to the stakeholders as design tool
Fire-branded books already in the catalog
Logo designed for this project

Interactive Center for Learning and Information Resources (CIRIA) at UDLAP

Information Architecture, Interaction, UI Design and Development

The Library at Univesity of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP) has evolved to a Center for Learning and Research Resources, offering more than book's loan, such as multimedia and collaborative spaces, digital services, information culture within academics, plus other information services. They called it CIRIA.

As result, the information on CIRIA's website had been growing without order. Hence, this project consisted in a redesign of the information architecture and a more structured layout for the website.

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Sitemap study
Content and Navigation Analysis
Mental Model
Mental Model as design tool
Wireframe for homepage
Wireframes for the project

Mexican Institutions Network for Interlibrarian Cooperation: Grupo Amigos

Information Design, UI Design and Development

Grupo Amigos is an association of libraries and information centers from high prestige institutions, including the library of the USA's ambassy in Mexico.

They had elaborated a guide about copyright and reproduction of informational material. The objetctive was to provide it to all memebers in the association. In order to get a visual impact, the design applied the copyright sign as part of "the author's skin" and vivid colors. Afterwards, this idea was applied to the printed and web versions of the guide, and to publicity posters as well.

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General Information
FAQs' page
Guideline about Photocopy Reproduction
Guideline about Reproduction and Citation of Text Material

Mexican Association of Libraries and Institutions with Antique Collections (AMBIFA)

Information Architecture, UI Design, and CMS Adaptation

This academic association is conformed from most of the libraries and institutions with important collections of antique documents.

AMBIFA had requested a website to show its members' list, bylaws, notices, among others. A basic information architecture was provided, which induced to an ordered layout with the information clusters well delimited.

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AMBIFA's sample page of information about old book's Structure
Information about Old Book's Structure - sample page
Image available within AMBIFA's website.
A Front Matter used in content
Image available within AMBIFA's website.
Fire Marks image used in content