Franciscan Library (Saint Gabriel's Convent at Cholula)

Postcard and Bookmark Design, Digital Illustration

Postcard's Front

As a present for visitors and to provide some information about the Franciscan Library, located in Cholula (Puebla), a postcard and bookmark were designed.

Their fronts show an illustration made from the convent frescos that demonstrates the fusion between the prehispanic and catholic religions.

Postcard Backwards
Postcard's Backward


Digital Illustration


This was a free illustration to express joy and to put in practice some techniques of digital coloring and brushes. It contains texture and color, two of my favorite things.

Zoom out
Illustration at Full Height

UDLAP - Book Presentations at CIRIA

Poster Design, Digital Illustration

Reading and Writing to be Subject

The illustration from the left means the transformation from a "toy existence" (the playmobil toy) to a "real man" through reading and writing.

According to the ideas presented in the book, the one from below represents the utopic mankind's search for knowledge, order, and understanding of God.

Poster of Book Presentation at CIRIA UDLAP
Man and the Revolutionary State

CLADEA - Librarians Meeting

Poster and Stationery Design, Digital Illustration, Web Design


The Latinoamerican Council of Administration Schools (CLADEA) is one of the most important networks of business schools worldwide.

To communicate the 5th Meeting for Chiefs of Libraries and Information Centers in CLADEA, a poster and a website were designed. The graphic concept represents the modernity of information centers such it involves the use of technology. That's why the illustration shows this meeting as a net conformed with mouse pointers.

CLADEA's website
Website Designed for this CLADEA's Event

UDLAP - Bachelor on Knowledge Technologies

Publicity, Stationery, and Poster Design


The graphic concept takes the idea of the student in Knowledge Technologies as a future professional capable of searching and managing knowledge at different levels.