InTour: the tourist budget application for a satisfying experience

Coaching for the Design Competition at CLIHC 2011 - Winner of 1st Prize, Undergraduate Category

Within the activities of the V Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (CLIHC), a Design Competition was launched. Students from University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP) presented "InTour", a design for a mobile application which considers the interest of a single person or a group of tourist, the budget available, and the "organic" set of activities happening at certain city.

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InTour Team: Alan, Thaís, Betty, Jorge, and Rafa
Timeline of suggested activities
User with prototype doing a usability test

Visual Representations and User Experience Design

Poster presentation at the workshop "HCI in the Grand Challenges of Computer Science in Mexico"

The Mexican Council for Science and Technology —CONACYT— has established a thematic network on ICT. The Research Line on HCI organized a workshop to discuss ideas about how the field can support to the resolution of the grand challenges. Hence, a research question was introduced; basically, about the opportunity of the construction of a framework of visual representations for information grasped from various services.

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In order to take a decision, a user could grasp information from many services
In an ideal scenario there's still a risk of information overload
Is it possible to construct a framework for visual representations?

Design concepts and tools in interactive systems

Tutorial at the 3d Mexican Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction (MexIHC 2012)

The objective of this tutorial was to introduce a design perspective for interactive systems to students from IT Engineering and Computer Science. The topics covered design as a process, affordances, analysis and synthesis, rhetoric and design, and sketching as method for HCI.

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Requirements according to the Rhetoric's appealing modes
Sketching phase
Presentation and discussion

GUI Design Based on Schematics and Calm Technology Paradigm

4th International Conference on Information Design (CIDI 2009)

MoviTalk is designed by the interpretation of the Calm Technology and its application on GUI design. In order to inform design, a set of methods were applied — Experience Sampling, Needfinding, Sketching, Personas. It was also introduced an approach for information architecture and GUI evaluation based on the appealing modes from Rhetoric. Interface evaluation considered aproaches both from Usability and Semiotic Engineering as well.

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List of contacts: inflating, deflating and moving through time
Status and emoticker configuration. Contacts displayed by group
Layered browsing for other chat threads. Current chat on background