Asociación Mexicana de Interacción Humano-Computadora

Visual Identity Design

The AMexIHC is a mexican association which purpose is to promote the scientific research and technological development involved with the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

Because HCI is about people and interaction, the idea of this identity is to represent crafting by people giving shape to some sort of wire or USB-data wire, like a printed circuit on a motherboard.

Billboard for AMexIHC
T-shirt for AMexIHC Staff
Topic sub-brands
Topic sub-brands


Visual Identity Design

Wherever the customer is, FerreXpress is just "one phone call away". This is the concept behind this hardware store.

In consideration of the market segment, the symbol of this brand is quite explicit; it shows the three stages of the service: 1) A phone call, 2) a brief time and 3) the hardware supply at the customer's place.

Vehicle for FerreXpress
Uniform of FerreXpress Employee
FerreXpress Presentation Cards
Presentation Cards

Novum Ecodesarrollos

Visual Identity Design

Originally, Novum Engineering was merely concerned with the construction of resorts and residences at the Mayan Riviera. Due to the current needs of considering sustainable development issues, nowadays Novum offers integral consultancy related with green projects for the Mayan Riviera. Therefore, a redesign of the brand was requested.

The new brand shows a brightful sun giving life to earth, and it's colored with warm greens and orange.

Novum folder made of recycled heavy paper
Novum letter sheet made of recycled paper
Letter sheet
CD cover for Novum Ecodesarrollos

Universidad de las Américas Puebla

Redesign of Institutional Shield

The University of the Americas (UDLAP) is one of the most prestigious private universities in Mexico. In order to carry UDLAP to next century and to distinguish it from its sister UDLA A.C. (Mexico City), the presidency ran the project for the redesigning of the shield into a new one.

I was member of the redesign committee and taking in count a brief derived from a marketing research, I presented a proposal which was depurated by design colleagues and later submitted to surveys and focus group. As result, this proposal was elected to be the new shield for UDLAP.

Florentine Codex

The shield has a helmet from a Eagle Warrior in the crest.

He looks to the right of the shield in consideration to represent a noble birth.

Atl-Tlachinolli in the stone from the Sacred War Temple

The mantling is a synthesis of the Atl-Tlachinolli (the burning water, the blood), the battle-cry of the ancient aztec warriors.

It represent the passion and fight against ignorance.

The Cholula's Pyramid

A synthesis of Tlachihualteptl (hill made by hand) is shown inside the shield.

The catholic church was visually substituted with the glyph of a Teocalli (sacred/God house).

UDLAP's motto

The motto for the new shield is "Sapientiae Dilectione Augebitur Nos", which stands for "Love for wisdown will enlarge us", created by Elvia Morales, Coordinator of Special Collections at UDLAP.

Luxis Oro Laminado

Visual Identity Design

In order to introduce this company of laminated gold properly into the market, a visual identity was requested.

The symbol recalls a basic and ancient representation of the sun with a touch of sophistication and feminity due to market segment. Similarly, the corporate colors took in count the brightness from the gold in combination with a feeling of warmness.

Gift bag designed for Luxis Gold
Gift Bag
Folder for Luxis catalog
Interior design for Luxis shop
Shop Design

The Robotics Institute of Yucatan

Logo Design

This brand was conceived to be simple, remarkable, fun, and somehow retro, particularly considering old TV shows like "Lost in Space" and "Star Trek".

In addition, the color palette breaks with reference of cold metal, incorporating two bright and recognizable colors in the mayab: blue (for the sky) and green (for the savana), both considering hue a little more ludic.

As wallpaper
Used in stationary
Used as staff wardrobe
Staff's uniform